Month: November 2011

Create a XML Structure using eScript

Created a Code to write a following Property Set  structure in XML Problem Statment <PropertySet> <Contact> <FirstName>ABC</FirstName> <LastName>XYZ</LastName> </Contact> </PropertySet>   BusComp             : Contact Vanila BS              : EAI XML Write to File Method                               : WritePropSet Solution function BusComp_PreInvokeMethod… Read More ›

Hierarchical Pick List

Creating 3 level Hierarchical picklist also studing Dummy property Pick Map UpdOnlyIfNull Configure a parent and a child picklist. Set the Business Component property of the parent picklist to Picklist Hierarchical. E.g. My Country Set the Business Component property of… Read More ›

Shuttle Applet

Shuttle applet allows user to select records from multiple available records which are associated with one parent record. Whent there is M:M relationship between business Components, we use shuttle applet. E.g when a user clicks the MVG button and the… Read More ›

Applet Message in 8.0

1. Select Applet Where you want show Applet Message e.g Contact Form Applet 2. ChooseOB: Applet Message OBLE: Create new Record as a Applet Message e.g Contact Detail Message 3. Edit Web Layout of your original Applet e.g Contact Form… Read More ›

Reading CSV file from Server Script

var oFile = Clib.fopen(path,”r”);            if( oFile == null )           {  TheApplication().RaiseErrorText(path); }           var string = (Clib.fgets(2000,oFile)); //usually the first line is hearder so ignore it           while(!Clib.feof(oFile))                {                  string = (Clib.fgets(2000,oFile));                  LVal = string.split(“,”);… Read More ›


Using Siebel Tools to Bypass the Number of Rows Returned There might be cases where you do not want to change the general limitation concerning the number of rows returned (default 128), but do want to have an unlimited number… Read More ›