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  • Update Record without using Siebel Operation step in Workflow

    Inbound E-mail Database Operations BS Input Arguments

    BusService Name : Inbound E-mail Database Operations Method Name : UpdateRecord (Manually you need to type is as it is hidden method of BS) Input Arguments BusComp  =  (Literal/Process Property)[Name of BusComp which has to be update] BusObject =  (Literal/Process… Read More ›

  • How to check performance for particular Business Service and Method in Siebel?

    Test Utilities Output

    Suppose if I have written a Custom BS and I want to check performance for particular method for it then how to check it locally/dedicated client? Siebel provides vanila business service named “Test Utilities” for it. For this BS use “Iterate… Read More ›

  • How to check Script performance locally in Siebel Tools?

    Call Tree

    Go to Siebel Tools –>View –> Options –> Debug   Set “Enable Profiler” as TRUE. After setting it “Set Line Profile Rules” button get enabled. If you want to set additional rules then click on “Set Line Profile Rules” button.   Here… Read More ›

  • CRM Basics

    I found one great document on “CRM Basics” which clears basic doubts and concepts of CRM. I am very thankful to that Anonymous person who contributed his great effort and excelled his knowledge in this article. Thanks to Anonymous. CRM… Read More ›

  • DateTime Conversion Format in Siebel

    /* Getting Date and Time in format in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS */ var sGetInstallDateTime = ((sInstallDate.getMonth() + 1) + “/” + sInstallDate.getDate() + “/” + sInstallDate.getFullYear()+ ” “+ sInstallDate.getHours() + “:” + sInstallDate.getMinutes()+”:” + sInstallDate.getSeconds()); /* Getting Date and Time in… Read More ›

  • Avoid Duplicate Values using Configuration: BCHasRows Function

    Create Calculated Field

    Scenario: Need to avoid entering duplicate Account Name. Configuration: Use the function named BCHasRows(“BO”,”BC”,”Search Expression”,”Visibility” 1.  Create Calculated Field Field Name: Name Calc Field Calculated Value: BCHasRows(“Contact”,”Contact”,”[First Name]=’”+[First Name]+”‘”+” ,”All”) 2.  Add Calculated Field in Validation Property of Field. Field… Read More ›

  • Create Log for Siebel Dedicated Client

    Right Click on My Computer -> Advanced Tab -> Environment Variables Click on New 1. Variable Name : SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS Variable Value : 5   2. Variable Name:  SIEBEL_LOG_DIR Variable Log : C:\Custom Path If SIEBEL_LOG_DIR is not given then the log… Read More ›

  • Scenarios to Display “Total Revenue” on Account->Opportunity List Applet

    Scenario 1: Display “Total Revenue” on Opportunity List Applet Output Scenario 2: For Account-> Opportunity, Display “Total Revenue” on Account Entry Applet Create MVL on Account BC Create MVF on Account BC Add Pickmap as the Primary Revenue Amount is… Read More ›

  • Pseudo Code to call WF Async and Sync Mode in eScript

    Major Difference between WF Async and Sync Mode calling by eScript: Workflow Call in Async Mode: GetService : Server Requests Invoke Method : SubmitRequest Workflow Call in Sync Mode: GetService : Workflow Process Manager Invoke Method : RunProcess Pseudo Code… Read More ›

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