How to Navigate another view using BusService “Shopping Service”

You can use “GotoView” method of vanila Business service “Shopping Service” to navigate another view. Please find below eScript Code Snnipet/Pseudo Code in which I am navigating to view “Order Entry – Line Items View (Sales)”. var oApplication,sCurrentOrderId,bsGotoView,psInput,psOutput;oApplication = TheApplication();sCurrentOrderId =  oApplication.GetProfileAttr(“CurrentOrderId”);if(sCurrentOrderId… Read More ›

Finding Encryption Key for User in Siebel

To find Encryption Key in Siebel to connect local database you can use below query providing USER ID. SELECT PREF_CD, VAL FROM SIEBEL.S_NODE_PREF s1, SIEBEL.S_NODE s2 WHERE s1.PREF_CD =’RemLocSec:PlainKey’ AND s1.NODE_ID = s2.ROW_ID AND s2.NAME =’USER ID’