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Some might have heard the term but don’t actually know what it is and what it contains. So, let’s discuss FDR Files
FDR stands for Flight Data Recorder and these are log files that are generated by Siebel. So, now the question is how they are different from simple log files.

Differences between Siebel Log Files and FDR Files:
Type of information:
• Simple log files are generated when you increase the log level of the application and they contain information about the components for which we have increased the log level.
• FDR files on other hand are similar to the Black Box found Aeroplanes. When an areoplane crashes we can find from the black box in it about the events that have lead the crash. FDR Files are generated in case of a component crash and they are records of system and server component behavior at run time. In the event of a system or server component failure, the settings and events leading up to the failure are captured and logged.
Type of Files:
• Simple log files are simple txt files that can be opened in any text editor and we can read information contained in them.
• FDR files on the other hand are binary in format and we cannot just open and read them.
How to Read FDR Files:
We can read FDR files with the help of SARM analyzer. It is utility that is located in bin directory of Siebel Server. It is same utility that is used to read SARM Files. Here are the steps to read FDR files
• Go to Bin directory of Siebel Server
• Copy you FDR file in the bin folder and give the following command
sarmanalyzer –o output.csv –x –f fdrfilename
You can read more details about various switches and sarmanalyzer in Performance Tuning Guide in bookshelf. This above given command will generate a CSV file that you can read and analyze.

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