SIEBEL: MaxCursorSize

Using Siebel Tools to Bypass the Number of Rows Returned.

There might be cases where you do not want to change the general limitation concerning the number of rows returned (default 128), but do want to have an unlimited number of rows available for certain operations.

To do this, leave the parameter value for MaxCursorSize in the .cfg file set to the default number (or any number you choose), but use Siebel Tools to set values for the specific business components for which you want unrestricted operation.

To ignore the cursor close limitation, change the properties for the MaxCursorSize parameter for these business components to -1.

Upper limit for number of records that Siebel can pull from a single query is equal to the value set for “MaxCursorSize” parameter available in your siebel.cfg file. Here below can be the values :

a) 0 : If this parameter set to 0 (zero), that means Siebel can fetch 10,000 records in a single query. This is the recommended value.

b) -1 : it indicates infinite number of records, results in low performance and not recommended by Siebel.

c) >0 : any number greater than 0 will fetch that many records in one query.


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