SIEBEL: Reading CSV file from Server Script

Below code snippet is in Siebel eScript. This code will read the CSV file.

var oFile = Clib.fopen(path,"r");
           if( oFile == null )
           {  TheApplication().RaiseErrorText(path); }
           var string = (Clib.fgets(2000,oFile)); //usually the first line is hearder so ignore it
                  string = (Clib.fgets(2000,oFile));
                  LVal = string.split(",");
                  //LVal is the now an array populated with data
                  //Now put your logic to do whatever you want to do with data
                  //for example
 if(LVal[0] == "Test")
                      //do something
                  cntr++; // just to count number of lines that have been processed

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