SIEBEL: Applet Message in 8.0

1. Select Applet Where you want show Applet Message

e.g Contact Form Applet

2. ChooseOB: Applet Message

OBLE: Create new Record as a Applet Message e.g Contact Detail Message

3. Edit Web Layout of your original Applet e.g Contact Form Applet

4. Take Custom Control

Set Properties as

Field : Name of Applet message e.g Contact Detail Message

Field Type : Message

HTML Type : Plain Text

Runtime : TRUE

6. Click onOBApplet Message Variable:

Create New Record in OBLE on what field you want to show.

e.g.        Field : First Name

Value : 1

Field : Last Name

Value : 2

7. Go to  Applet Message : e.g. Contact Detail Message

Set Text Message property for custom message e.g Contact Details are First Name %1 and Last Name %2             (% takes the value of field which you want to show)

8. Compile Applet.


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  1. This is useful..


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