SIEBEL: Shuttle Applet

Shuttle applet allows user to select records from multiple available records which are associated with one parent record.

Whent there is M:M relationship between business Components, we use shuttle applet.

E.g when a user clicks the MVG button and the business component of the

Underlying MVG applet has a many-to-many (M:M) relationship with the master business component, a shuttle applet is displayed.

Shuttle Applet

Scenario :

Requirement was that, to associate multiple hobbies to one contact.

When you select one contact, it should possible to select multiple hobbies for that contact. (so it is 1:M relationship).

But multiple contacts may have common hobby. So the relationship between contacts and hobby is M:1.

So ultimately there exists M:M relationship between contacts & hobbies.

Create Shuttle Applet.

Creating Shuttle Applet

Steps :

1] We have contact form applet. On this applet create MVF Hobby and Description

2] Create MVG applet with Business Comp as Hobbies

i) use M:M link between contacts & hobbies.

3] Create Associate applet with Business comp as Hobbies.

4] In MVG applet set property ‘Associate Applet’ = Name of Associate Applet.

5] Compile and run.

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