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Requirement: If Percent is changed the Progress or Status bar (In Green Color/Red or as needed) will increased/decreased as per the Percentage.


Step 1:

Create 10 Bitmap images for Progress or Status Bar for 10%,20%,30%….100% with needed color.

 Step 2:

Bitmap Category
Go to Bitmap Catgory
– Create a new Record named Asset Bitmap Category
– Under Bitmap Catgory->Bitmap add 10 records for 10 images like 10%,20%,30%….100% 

E.g For 10 Value  under Bitmap Catgory->Bitmap add a record with below parameter

Name = 10

Filename should be Bitmap image name like “icon_red_10.gif”

Alt Text=”10

Step 3:

Icon Map
– Create New Icon Map with name “Graphical Indicator – Asset”
– Create 10 New Record for each value 10,20,30….100 in Icon


For Example Create New Record with below parameter

Name =10


Bitmap Category=Asset Bitmap Category(for

10,20,30,40,50…100 you have to create 10 records).

Step 4:

Business Component
– Create a Percent Calc Field as Calculated field with Calculated

Value like iif([Percent] >0.0 AND [Percent]

<10.01,10,,iif([Percent] >10 AND [Percent] < 20.01,20,””))
upto range 100.

Step 5:

Form Applet
– Create a Control with below parameter

Name =Percent

Field=Percent Calc

HTML Type=Plain Text

HTML Icon Map=Graphical Indicator – Asset

Step 6:

– Compile all Objects.
– In Application you will see that if Percent value will change the Progress or Status Bar will increase as value changes in Percent Calc Field.

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