SIEBEL: Pseudo Code to call WF Async and Sync Mode in eScript

Major Difference between WF Async and Sync Mode calling by eScript:
Workflow Call in Async Mode:
GetService : Server Requests
Invoke Method : SubmitRequest
Workflow Call in Sync Mode:
GetService : Workflow Process Manager
Invoke Method : RunProcess
Pseudo Code :Workflow Call in Async Mode
var svc = TheApplication().GetService(“Server Requests“);
Pseudo Code :Workflow Call in Sync Mode
function Invoke_Process()
var svc = TheApplication().GetService(“Workflow Process Manager“);
var Input = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
var Output = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
var bo = TheApplication().ActiveBusObject();
var bc = bo.GetBusComp(“Account”);
var rowId = bc.GetFieldValue(“Id”);Input.SetProperty(“ProcessName”, “My Account Process”);
Input.SetProperty(“Object Id”, rowId);svc.InvokeMethod(“RunProcess“, Input, Output);

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