SIEBEL: How to check performance for particular Business Service and Method?

With Siebel vanilla business service “Test Utilities” you can check the performance for a particular method written in custom BS in locally or dedicated client.

For this BS use “Iterate Service” method. It has below Input and Output parameters

Input Parameters

  • ServiceName : Custom BS name
  • MethodName : Custom Method name
  • Iterations : You can give iterations in Numeric as many times you want to call this method.

Output Parameters

  • AverageTime
  • TotalTime

e.g. I have written Test BS. And for it I have written my code in Validate function.

To test the performance I have simulated it on local/dedicated client using  Application – Business Service -> Simulater.

Here I have given below Input

Service Name:  Test Utilities

Method Name : Iterate Service

In Input Arguments provided below Inputs

ServiceName : Test BS

MethodName : Validate

Iterations : 1

Please see below screenshot for same.

Test Utilities Input
Test Utilities Input

Please see below screenshot for Output.

Test Utilities Output
Test Utilities Output

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  1. And how do I pass input arguments from the BS I want to simulate?

    • Hi Leonardo,
      Disadvantage of this BS is that you can not pass the input argument.But you can hard code the input argument in your custom bs and simulate custom bs with Test Utilities bs.

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