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Most of the scenarios, it need to query on the buscomp which does not exists in Business Object. It will get achieved using vanilla business service PRM ANI Utility Service.

BusService Name : PRM ANI Utility Service

Method Name : QueryBusComp

Input Arguments

  1. Business Component = (Literal/Process Property) [Name of BusComp which has to be Query]
  2. Search Spec =  (Expression) [Search Spec/Expression]
  3. Keep Context = (Literal/Process Property) [true/false]
  4. Output Field 1 =(Literal/Process Property) [FieldName To Update]
  5. Field: [FieldName2 To Update]
  6. Id:  [Id of record which need to be update]
PRM ANI Utility Service BS Input Arguments
PRM ANI Utility Service BS Input Arguments

Output Arguments

You have to manually type the Output Field Name used in Input Arguments in Output Argument.

PRM ANI Utility Service BS Output Arguments
PRM ANI Utility Service BS Output Arguments
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