SIEBEL: How to make Control Hidden/Rea​dOnly or Visible/Ed​itable on different applet exists in same view using browser script

Suppose there are 2 applets (Applet A, Applet B) based on different BC and these 2 BC’s doesn’t have any relationship. But we need to make some field hidden/visible on applet B based on some criteria on applet A then write below browser script on applet A on ChangeRecord eventApplet A and Applet B exists in same View.

We cannot use RefreshRecord,Refresh BC, GotoView here as it will loose the context of Applet A or Applet B. So we need to use below browser script on applet A.

function Applet_ChangeRecord ()


var sTestType = “”;

sTestType = this.BusComp().GetFieldValue(“Test Type”);

var oAppl = theApplication().FindApplet(“Test Applet”);

var oApp2 = theApplication().FindApplet(“Test1 Applet”);

var a = oAppl.FindControl(“Account”); //Control Name

var b = oApp1.FindControl(“Last Name – Auto”); //Control Name

if(sTestType != “”)

{”hidden”; //Make Control Hidden

b.SetProperty(“ReadOnly”, “TRUE”); //Make Control Read Only



{”visible”; //Make Control Visible

b.SetProperty(“ReadOnly”, “FALSE”); //Make Control Editable



For detailed information use below oracle link



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