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Find below business service code snippet to fecth the file name from VBScript. This code supports only for Windows OS.

Function Service_PreInvokeMethod (MethodName As String, Inputs As PropertySet, Outputs As PropertySet) As Integer
If MethodName = "FileName" Then
Dim MyFile, MyPath, MyName As String
 MyPath = "c:\Test\" ' Set the path.
 MyName = Dir(MyPath)
 Do While MyName <> "" ' Start the loop.
 If (GetAttr(MyPath & MyName)) Then
 MyFile = MyName + "|" + MyFile 'Concatnating FileName with | seperator
 End If
 MyName = Dir() ' Get next entry.
 End If
 Outputs.SetProperty "FileName",MyFile
 Service_PreInvokeMethod = CancelOperation
 End Function
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