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If Subscriber Key and EmailAddress is same then you can use the below code snippet to unsubscribe.

Input for below code snippet

  1. PubId: External Id of Publication list which will get passed from Email in Unsubscribe link.
  2. emailId : email address which will get passed from Email in Unsubscribe link.
    <!-- Start: Added to Fetch the Subscriber Email Address -->
    SET @emailId = QueryParameter("email")
    SET @PubId = QueryParameter("PubId")
    <!--p> Your Email Address is %%=v(@emailaddr)=%%</p-->
    <!-- End:Added to Fetch the Subscriber Email Address -->
	<script runat=server>
	Purpose : Unsubscribe from the All Publication and All Subscribers List. 
	PubId is nothing but the External Id of Publication list which will get passed from Email in Unsubscribe link.
	 var emailId = Platform.Variable.GetValue('@emailId'); 
	 var listIdArray,listId,listName,listKeylists,myList,status;
	 var unSubList = ""; 
	 var pubId = Platform.Variable.GetValue('@PubId');
	 var data = DataExtension.Init("SSJS_Preferences");
	 var unSubscribeMsg = ""
	 if ((emailId != "null" || emailId != "undefined" || emailId != "") && (Stringify(pubId) != "null" && pubId != ''))
	  listIdArray = pubId.split(',');
	  for(i=0 ; i<listIdArray.length;i++)
	   listId = listIdArray[i];
	   lists = List.Retrieve({Property:"ID",SimpleOperator:"equals",Value:listId});
	   listKey = lists[0].CustomerKey;
	   listName = lists[0].ListName;
	   myList = List.Init(listKey);
	   status = myList.Subscribers.Unsubscribe(emailId);
	   if (status == "OK") 
	     if(unSubList == "")
	       unSubList = listName
	       unSubList = unSubList + "<br>" + listName;
	    if(unSubscribeMsg == "")
	      unSubscribeMsg = "You have not subscribed to publication list..";
	  if(unSubscribeMsg == "")
	   unSubscribeMsg = "You have now succesfully unsubscribed from publication list.";
	  Write("Email Address is NULL");
	if(unSubscribeMsg != "")
	  Write(unSubscribeMsg + "<br>");
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