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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: How to add QR Code in Email or Cloud Page

crmTech/ November 23, 2018/ Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Siebel/ 0 comments

Currently Salesforce Marketing Cloud not supports QR Code hence I have created custom SSJS code using the Google QR API. Please find below same.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud : How to disable Profile Center and Physical Email Address from Email

crmTech/ October 18, 2018/ Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud/ 0 comments

Most of the time business wants to use custom profile center instead of vanilla or out of box profile center. Without profile center and physical Email Address you cannot send email. To overcome this scenario you need to add profile center and physical Email Address in Email and hide it using Ampscript.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud : Getting All the List associated to Subscriber Email Address

crmTech/ May 3, 2018/ Salesforce Marketing Cloud/ 0 comments

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, most of the time we need to retrieve the Publication Lists associated to the Subscriber. Please find below SSJS code snippet for same. UI FORM SECTION PROCESSING PAGE SECTION :