SIEBEL: File Count from specific Folder in eScript

function fnFileCount(Inputs, Outputs) { try { var sFileSysObj = COMCreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”); var sFolder = “E:\\Abc\\Study Material\\Siebel 8.0\\books”; var sDirectory = sFileSysObj.GetFolder(sFolder); var sFiles = sDirectory.Files; var sCountFiles = sFiles.Count; //file count } catch(e) { TheApplication().RaiseErrorText(e.toString()); } finally { sFileSysObj = null;… Read More ›

SIEBEL: Create a XML Structure using eScript

Created a Code to write a following Property Set  structure in XML Problem Statment <PropertySet> <Contact> <FirstName>ABC</FirstName> <LastName>XYZ</LastName> </Contact> </PropertySet>   BusComp             : Contact Vanila BS              : EAI XML Write to File Method                               : WritePropSet Solution function BusComp_PreInvokeMethod… Read More ›