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SFMC: How to create Custom Unsubscribe Page using ampscript code?

sweetysalesforce/ February 25, 2019/ Cloud, CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud/ 0 comments

SFMC comes with default unsubscribe functionality which itself is smart enough to handle critical functionality of unsubscribe procedure, however the challenge here is that we cannot customize its unsubscribe page to give our users personalized and attractive landing page.


SFMC : Getting All the List associated to Subscriber Email Address

crmTech/ May 3, 2018/ Cloud, CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud/ 0 comments

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, most of the time we need to retrieve the Publication Lists associated to the Subscriber. Please find below SSJS code snippet for same. UI FORM SECTION PROCESSING PAGE SECTION :

SIEBEL: How To get detailed Log for using Snipper Code for RSTT, Pricing, EAI

crmTech/ September 18, 2015/ Siebel/ 0 comments

If there need to fetch the logs for Row Set Transformation Toolkit,Remote Complex Object Instance Service,Pricing Manager,EAI Siebel Adapter business service, copy below code. Compile Business Service. Logs will get created in Logs folder.